Monday 15 September 2008

Can Opened, Worms Everywhere...

Leaked video footage showing barrister Mark Saunders being shot by police raises serious questions over the handling of the investigation into his death.

The tape appears to corroborate his family's claim - first made in the Evening Standard - that the lawyer was not aiming his shotgun directly at officers when he was killed.
If true, it puts a different complexion on things, particularly the IPCC’s recent condemnation of the family for their actions in talking to the media.
The IPCC claimed the video incident should have been kept confidential and claimed in the High Court that the family's 'aggressive' questioning and 'regrettable' conduct had hindered its inquiry.

But the IPCC will come under fire over the leaked footage. The family has never had a copy of the tape and cannot be blamed for it being passed to a newspaper.
First rule of glass houses – when in one, avoid throwing any stones…
If the Sun's version of events is correct, it raises serious questions over why the IPCC attacked the family in open court and in an official statement released last week.
The key word there being ‘if’. But if it is true, then questions will need to be asked, not just over the actual shooting itself, but over the security and handling of police film...

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Robert said...

Ludicrous Diversion - London 7/7/05
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