Friday 26 September 2008

What Would She Have To Do To Be Disqualified For Life...?

A paedophile vicar built up a collection of almost 57,000 indecent images of children - and his wife approved, a court heard yesterday.

The couple even looked at some of the pictures together before having sex.
Pretty vile. But it gets worse:
Prosecutor Ieuan Morris, who called her attitude 'bizarre', said that when police arrived at the vicarage she said she was not surprised to see them.

After her husband was arrested she told police: 'We occasionally looked at images of teenage girls, sometimes leading to sexual intercourse.'

She added: 'If parents were happy to have their children on the internet in this manner it wasn't anyone else's business.

'It was a matter for them and no one else.'
Even viler. But it gets worse still:
The court heard Mrs Hart was cautioned by police for possession of pictures in category 1 - the least serious.

She has also been disqualified for two years from working with children - she worked part-time at Beguildy Church in Wales school where her husband was a governor.
Two years...? Two years! And only a caution?

Something stinks about this case...


Stan said...

Another potential Fred and Rose West. Have we learned nothing?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like it, does it?