Monday, 15 March 2010

Cllr Campbell Believes In 'Name & Shame'...

...but only when it relates to you peasants, not to your betters:
Individuals and organisations who make Freedom of Information (FoI) applications to Bexley Council are to have their details published on the council’s website.
Ummm, I doubt this will survive a privacy challenge, but you have to admire his chutzpah...
The decision follows a steady rise in applications over the past three years.
And it appears that they've got fed up, and would like to do a little intimidation to rid themselves of this nuisance.

Bexley: twinned with Chicago...
Cabinet member for corporate affairs, Councillor Colin Campbell said there was no reason why the public should not know who was making the requests.
You mean, 'If they've got nothing to hide..', eh?
Cllr Campbell said the cost of processing the requests from the three prolific members of the public alone, using the minimum wage as a calculation, was more than the council leader’s salary.
So what?


RantinRab said...

Just do your fucking job and shut it, council boy.

woman on a raft said...

Cllr Colin Campbell
St Mary's

Note being sent to Cameron pointing out how helpful his councillor is being in making sure some cheery Trot is given the ammo to make credible 'nasty party' claims and that the Tories are trying to cover things up.

Publishing the cost of FoIs is reasonable and probably should be done it it isn't already. Publishing the results of FoIs might be sensible as if one person is asking, perhaps others are too.
Publishing the details of the questioners is a vindictive attempt to try to avoid answering the questions or to intimidate the questioners.

You'd never believe there is an election round the corner, they effortlessly make enemies and give people as much reason as possible to vote for someone else. That's why they are at level pegging, despite being up against Labour.

Time to award Foot Shooter of the Day to Councillor Colin Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Services, Old Bexley.

Joe Public said...

Presumably, he'll also post the answers on the Council's website - after all the information should should "free"

JuliaM said...

"Just do your fucking job and shut it, council boy."

If I were running council worker induction training, I'd put that on the front cover of every induction manual! ;)

"You'd never believe there is an election round the corner..."

Or that they (supposedly) want to win it...

"Presumably, he'll also post the answers on the Council's website..."

They should - but reading the comments to that article, that seems to be lacking too...

banned said...

Probably the same three or four people that write 90% of letters to the local newspaper.