Monday, 29 March 2010

Just What Does It Take To Be Banned For Life?

A teenager who strangled a dog to death using a canvas belt after the owner refused to hand over a £150 ransom has been jailed.
This one's a real charmer:
Officers from Barnet police traced Walker to his home address but when they tried to arrest him, he “resisted violently”, a statement said.
Good. I hope they were all animal lovers, and didn't hold back...
Walker was jailed for three years for blackmail and given three months for cruelty to Lily. He will serve an additional two months for resisting arrest and has been banned from keeping a dog for five years.

What, exactly, would you have to do to get a life ban?

And Barnet Police have obviously sent their cops to progressive PR lessons before allowing them to give statements:
Detective Constable Mark Bennett, from Barnet police, was in court with Lily’s owner when the sentence was passed.

He said: “This was a cruel and deplorable crime, the sentence reflects this.

“It is to the victim’s credit that, although he was satisfied with the sentence, he was sorry to see a young person wasting their life.”

I'm not. I'm hoping the next time we see Jerome Walker's name in the news, it's as the fatality in a very strange, painful, lingering jail 'suicide'...


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

He could have said 'nigger' or 'Paki'. Then they'd have thrown away the key.

Anonymous said...

I used to think these post sentencing statements by todays people's police were soundbites provided by their press office but knowing how shambolic that 'directorate' is and from tales told by former colleagues, some still serving, many of todays modern pleece officers really do say such things (and probably believe them too). Mental! One day that DC will make headlines on Gadget's blog.

JuliaM said...

"One day that DC will make headlines on Gadget's blog."

Or at a coroner's court...