Saturday, 13 March 2010

Here's Another Easy Collar, Officer!

She added: “It was terrifying. I keep the door locked now.

“It makes me so angry. I wish I could’ve got hold of him with a sharp carving knife. I’d have made mincemeat of him. I’m only a shrimp. I’m only about five stone – but I’m angry.”
Better be careful, love.

You don't want to be nicked for threatening behaviour, do you?
When a restaurant owner found two teenage yobs raiding his beer cellar, he chased them and held them while his staff dialled 999.

Sal Miah assumed police would commend him for catching the young criminals.

But when officers arrived, they arrested 35-year-old Mr Miah on suspicion of assault and battery.


Jiks said...

Again, arrest the victim, Standard Operating Proceedure it seems these days. Also again reinforces the message not to report crimes, if you do you will be punished for messing up their nice stats.

The only thing that I still have questions about is does the plod on the street think this is a good deed by some twisted logic or are they being intentionally evil?

Joe Public said...

And he had to donate his DNA too.

JuliaM said...

"The only thing that I still have questions about is does the plod on the street think this is a good deed by some twisted logic or are they being intentionally evil?"

I'd hope not. Certainly, the contributors to the police blogs all seem well aware that it's a policy that won't win them any friends...

"And he had to donate his DNA too."

Well, it's one way of filling that database...

S.B.S said...

Labour love the police, The police love labour.
Reason= Labour want to stay in power, the police want more power, labour to police, do not offend our voters, & we will give you more power to keep us in power, do not make criminals out of our core voters, but make criminals out of our natural detractors, i.e. the self-employed, the go-a-head people, you scratch mine I scratch yours attitude.
Again the death of the chap with learning difficulties, do not harrass his tormentors as they are our natural voters, and we will give you more power, if this is not so we would be allowed to sort out our own problems.
Think I am wrong, vote labour again.
But I will not be voting at all as the wind-bag Dave has shown no reason to change the status, and the conservatives banned pistol shooting.

North Northwester said...

SBS - please don't fail to vote.
The narrow-margin Tory majority or new Opposition needs to have its nose rubbed i it that it failed to achieve working majority power because it failed to offer us some of our freedom back.

If you don't vote for ostentatiously and obviously not Political Class parties, Cameron or his creepy successor can [and likely will] argue that they lost because the weren't Left-wing/statist/fascist enough.

I can imagine the likes of Ken Clarke and George Osborne mounting campaigns to replace the defeated Cameron with slogans meaning 'More Europe and better taxes for a Tory Victory' and 'Protect the Gains of the Blair Presidency,' - unless we shove the truth under the Conservative Party's nose: that the less like Thatcher and Churchill they are, the less support they will have.

Which is Reason Number One I'll be working and voting for UKIP - so the pinko swine can't hide from the truth this summer.

Abstaining won't achieve that.