Friday, 12 March 2010

Must. Get. More. Popcorn!

Bob Geldof tears into BBC reporter Rageh Omaar’s critical article in ‘CiF’:
Rageh Omaar's piece "Even Band Aid is not above criticism" is ridiculous… He allies himself with the programme's dubious technique of using a "star" name to attract attention to an otherwise unexceptional or dubious point of view in the hope that it will gather attention.
Oh, my...

It's not like Band Aid itself ever relied on star power, then, Bob?
No, Rageh, rest assured, I am definitely not above criticism – but again, please, for the sake of veracity, and again, I extend this to the wretched Martin Plaut, your fellow journalist, stop venturing palpably untrue statements dressed up as fact.
Or else!
And how arrogant you are, how self-important, that you should deign to lecture on the implied assumption that you, and by extension all journalists – and specifically in this case the BBC World Service – are above the criticism that you are so busily wagging your finger at me for, and which I (clearly getting above my station) have last weekend meted out to your incompetent mate and his associates at the Beeb.
The audacity of Bob Geldof, of all people, criticising someone else for 'finger wagging' fair takes the breath away, doesn't it?
It's about time a little humility was allowed into your closed self-regarding little media world.
The Band Aid Trust is reporting BBC World Service to Ofcom and the BBC board of directors, and we have requested transcripts of all interviews from the show in question from the deputy chairman of the BBC. We will also take a view on what legal action we may take both against the journalist in question and World Service in general.
Fantastic! Well, god knows, you wouldn't be the first charity to spend donated money futilely pursuing court action but I wouldn't boast about it, if I were you...
The real story of this sorry saga is the intense systemic failure of the World Service, that cherry on the cake of the BBC's reputation. It's a rotten old cherry these days. And I am as bereft as a jilted lover. Of all the taxes I pay, I pay only one gladly – my licence fee. I am Mr World Service. I have done ads promoting the BBC, I have written and spoken in its defence, it is indeed the BBC who started me and others on this African journey; I believe it must, at all costs, be retained very similar to what it is now, albeit cutting away the deadwood and slack. But basically: "I Want My BBC!"
You should talk to your pal Bono about those taxes you aren't gladly paying, Bob...
Where were the producers and editors and seniors? Why was Plaut allowed to go mad on his pre- and post- media interview circus around the world with bonkers wild accusations? Just to get an audience? Did he and the World Service for one second comprehend the enormous damage and danger he immediately put every humanitarian worker in?
Oh, noes! What if all those third-world bandits and jihadis read Rageh's piece in CiF..?
What if the Red Cross, now compromised in their neutrality, were ordered away from war zones, or forbidden access to the deepest dungeons, or concentration camps? What then, Rageh Omaar and Martin Plaut? What then of your smug certitudes and thin pieties?
You've got blood on your hands! How dare you question Bob's authoriteh!
How dare you, Rageh Omaar, attempt to defend the awful indefensible. Just for that alone, Plaut should be fired. You people, you self-important mediators of "news", should wise up and accept a little humility rather than attack the aid agencies and their workers for being above criticism and ask yourself, as I do, who the hell are you to lecture?
Yes! Who the hell do you think you are? Did you have a few hits in the 70s? Well, DID YOU?!


woman on a raft said...

It's dreadful that a white middle-clarrse Guardianista like Reggie should dare to criticize a bleck gangsta chil' from de wrang side o' de Oirish tracks who have dragged heself up fra' his boot straps er..

I've been here quite as long as Bob and I don't remember him challenging the BBC bias in any other area. Why, only yesterday, there were 4 MPs entering pleas on criminal charges. The BBC led round here on long items on Lord Hanningfield (who deserves everything he gets) and who is Conservative, but only mentioned in passing, and at the end, that three Labour MPs were being similarly charged. No bias there.

Fatcher Aht!

Longrider said...

Self awareness never being one of Geldof's traits.

Pretty rich just about sums it up. Still, good for a laugh between the chokes.

English Viking said...

I never give money to charidee, for the simple reason that toss-pots like Geldof get to make a career out of scrounging and lecturing others, along with the fact that most of it will be spent on admin and advertising of more scrounging. Don't forget the likelihood of it being spent on another consignment of AK 47's either.

Someone should persuade Geldof to go and live in one of the third world hell holes he appears so fond of.

Where does this man get his money from? He hasn't had a job for the last 30 years.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Well, if it was not Geldof saying it, a lot of it would be perfectly acceptable, and it WOULD appear to be true.

Constantly Furious said...

Excellent: superb fisking.

Constantly Furious said...

.. oh and, from the comments:

"Where does this man get his money from? He hasn't had a job for the last 30 years"

That's a very good question.

woman on a raft said...

Wiki says;

co-ownership of the TV production company Planet 24, which pioneered early morning television with The Big Breakfast. Planet 24 was sold to Carlton TV in 1999 for a reported £15m.

Factual media producer Ten Alps (Planet spelled backwards) was founded the next day by Geldof and business partner Alex Connock. It has a turnover of around £80m.

James Higham said...

The quality of hypocrisy is not strain'd,

It droppeth as a Bandaid from heaven

Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:

It blesseth him that takes the court action.

dr cromarty said...

Geldof attended Blackrock College, a private Jesuit school.

Not exactly The Commitments

Greencoat said...

I hate Goboff and Rag-Arse in equal measure.

Superb post, Julia.