Saturday, 13 March 2010

The 'Daily Fail' Does 'Paedogeddon'...Again!

Google has apologised after its Street View photo mapping service showed a frontal view of a naked child on a family day out.
Oh, dear. Still since they apologised and took it down, what's the pro..

Oh, FFS..!
The photos, showing the child's mother or nanny helping him dress and a man looking on, have sparked fears that paedophiles will have a new way to search for photos or targets online.
Yes, I'm sure Google's Street View is the go-to place for perverts...not!

But is there any way the 'Fail' could ramp the tension a bit higher?
Google had blurred the child's face but not the registration plate of the family's car, making it possible to trace their address.
Because obviously that's what nonces with eyestrain from trawling through Google Street View for a glimpse of a naked kid would do, right?



Ross said...

Oh ffs.

It's hard for parents, if their children stay indoors then paedophiles will seduce them through Facebook and then rape them, but if they go outside paedophiles will find them with Google street view and track them down using car number plates and rape them.

Pavlov's Cat said...

curse you Julia

thats' the post I was saving for tomorrow , right down to the Paedogeddon reference in the post title.

and done better I hasten to add

JuliaM said...

"It's hard for parents..."

It's almost like they are supposed to live in constant fear, isn't it?

"curse you Julia

thats' the post I was saving for tomorrow..."

If it's any consolation, it took foreverto peck out one-handed.. ;)

Dave H said...

A few of their readers are a bit muddled as well. This was in the comments section of an article on Straw's plan to abolish the House of Lords.

"I thought nowadays most of the Lords were NuLabour detonators and ex-Labour mp.s so surely this policy is an own goal?

Bring it on!!

- Ann, Tokyo, 14/3/2010 12:56"

How much safer we'd be if terrorists only had donators...

Paul said...

Brass Eye was years ahead of its time.