Tuesday, 31 August 2010

An Entirely Unsurprising Result...

'Do you want to be catered to at someone else's expense?' asks a council?

'Yeah, like, whatever', says the area's children:
Young people in Littlemore do not believe enough is done for them on the estate, a new survey has found.

More than 87 per cent of 189 schoolchildren polled feel the area does not have adequate provision for them.
Well, that was a shock, eh? Who could have predicted that...
The survey, commissioned by Littlemore Parish Council, comes as community leaders prepare to secure funding for an all-weather sports facility on the estate.

The money would pay for a street sportscage – a large ‘caged’ area suitable for playing football, netball and basketball – at the Oxford Road recreation ground.
I do rather like the idea of a cage, I think that definitely has potential!

Who will be funding this, then?
The council local ratepayers has have committed £5,000 towards the scheme, and last year Oxford City Council country ratepayers promised £10,000. The parish council will apply for a £60,000 grant from Wren (Wastes Recycling Environment) central government via a quango, i.e. income tax payers.
Another shock, I'm sure you'll agree...


RantinRab said...

We have a few of the 'streetcage' gizmos around here.

All they attract is the young wannabe 'gangsta' type and they are a no go area for other kids.

Whats wrong with a bit of open grassland? Bloody hell, it did me and my mates fine. Why do kids these days need all this bloody money spent on them?

Macheath said...

RR is quite right - what exactly is the point of these 'cages' - beyond allowing thugs and bullies to corner their prey?

Off topic, JuliaM, this looks like one for you.

Greencoat said...

Wos up wiv yer - iz for da kidz, innit?

bnzss said...

RR: Perhaps you and I grew up in the country. Central London, I reckon, isn't quite the same.

In any case, I thought it was wrong for advertisers to direct their attentions at children? 'Mummy don't forget my fruit gums!' and all that?


JuliaM said...

"Why do kids these days need all this bloody money spent on them?"

Good point! Though as BenS points out, the country is a little different from the urban areas.

Mind you, I thought all kids these days were supposed to be firmly attached to their XBoxes and Playstations anyway?

"Off topic, JuliaM, this looks like one for you."

Oooh, interesting! Thanks.