Monday, 16 August 2010

The Headline Is More Dramatic Than The Story!

Which is often the case in local newspapers:

As one wag asks in the comment, 'from helicopters'?
A police helicopter circled overhead from about 11am but there was no trace of the three people who had been inside the car.

They had received reports that the trio had been drinking alcohol and shouting abuse at residents.
Oh, dear. Still, it wasn't entirely a wasted journey:
The search for the suspects led police to a flat in Saxon Gardens where they were let in by a woman.

Inside they discovered several cannabis plants before arresting the 21-year-old on suspicion of cultivating the drug.

The woman, who is from Shoebury, is currently is police custody.
Wel done lads! Another arrest for disorderly gardening!

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MTG said...

Police dogs are just as barking as their human assistants, JuliaM.

Only last week, abseiling police dogs scoffed the evidence before charging our village Baker with a parkin offence.