Monday, 16 August 2010

Fair’s Fair….

..we send our hectoring busybodies to other countries to tell them how wrong their laws are, so it’s only right that other countries should get to do the same:
A peace activist from India paid a visit to Dale Farm in Crays Hill to meet travellers facing eviction.
Sound familiar. Didn’t we have a recent US visitor doing the same thing?
Rajagopal from New Delhi, was at the illegal site to talk to families who have been told to leave by Basildon Council.

Rajagopal is the vice chairman of the Gandhi Peace Foundation in India which campaigns for the rights of poor and is inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
I’m sure Gandhi would be proud to see his country has successfully overcome its many problems, and his descendants are therefore branching out to other countries…


blueknight said...

The usual suspects are already a bit upset because the Council are likely to use Constant and Co, who have a reputation for getting the job done...

-- The UK’s most notorious anti-Gypsy security firm, responsible for the brutal Twin Oaks eviction in 2004, says it expects to take on the biggest clearance operation ever mounted against a village community in Britain in modern times.

Constant & Co., which has earned tens of millions of euro clearing Gypsies from their own land in barely legal, hard hat-style sorties around England, now wants the contract to demolish Dale Farm, home to 500 Travellers near Crays Hill, Essex.

The job, worth three million euro, would involve removing, and in some plots smashing, chalets and mobile-homes, and physically forcing up to 90 families, including children, the elderly and infirm, to leave the district, impoverished and with nowhere legally to live.

Boo Hoo?

JuliaM said...

Yes, this particular firm seems to have specialised with great success.

I fail to see how anyone can complain, though. This is what happens when you flout, bend and twist the law to the point that ordinary people feel that in no longer applies to them.

Boo hoo? indeed...