Friday, 20 August 2010

No, Not Another New 'Health Risk'...

Headline in today's 'Indy':

Wow! Now that's what I call a computer virus!

The answer, of course, is 'Well, no. But taking his eyes off the road and subsequently crashing almost certainly did'...


MTG said...

This may have been less of a motoring accident than death by stoning. He was Joan Rivers' plastic surgeon; the one who carefully sculpted her famous Gorgon stare.

Anonymous said...

Or this woman -

'Waaaaaaaaaa, look at my scar!'

FFS, shut up you silly little girl!

marvin said...


Anonymous said...

don't think the link to the story is working, just google, Amy Hills. A.N.Other candidate for 'it's all sooooooo unfair'

Is it fuck unfair if you can't wait 5 mins to twitter something or spend every waking minute on a sun bed then get skin cancer.

Just fuck off you vacuous pricks; this is natural selection in its most modern form.

I smoke, given a diagnosis of lung cancer tomorrow my first thought would be, ah well no fucking surprise there then, best make the most of it while I can, btw fuck the rest of you if you want to smoke it’s your funeral and if you don't, good for fucking you, but I dare you, I fucking double dare you to say I told you so, precious twats, full of 'good advice' after he fact.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy in my book is only valid when an unexpected negative event occurs as a consequence of nature or a person or persons conspire to take.

tweeting while driving, NO

use of sun beds for vanity resulting in caner, NO

a false accuser of rape who was not loved enough as a child, NO

So bring it, a genuine victim of circumstance and/or nature that deserves my respect and sympathy.

I'd rather spend my time feeding Paki's to save them from the Taliban right now than wasting my time on some of the useless pricks that inhabit Great Britain.

JuliaM said...

"He was Joan Rivers' plastic surgeon; the one who carefully sculpted her famous Gorgon stare."

Heh! Oh well, no shortage of plastic surgeons in LA..

"Or this woman..."

Good lord!

Anonymous said...

yes Julia 'good lord!' indeed

people seem to have queued up to read me the riot act, tell me what I have done wrong so the gloves are off. I am not perfect and I may be and have been many things but a rapist, NO.

When I read about people starving and homeless due to a flood, yes I can understand why a family member or friend of a victim of Islamic extremist terrorism might not have sympathy but, and it is a big but we all have options:

ignore genuine suffering and pain regardless of the victims status

rub our hands when a person is suffering because we believe they deserve it

hand out help to only those that fit into our perception of those who are worthy

again, crashes car while tweeting FAIL, uses sun bed until diagnosed with cancer FAIL, makes false allegation of rape FAIL, FAIL, FAIL