Saturday, 16 April 2011

Interesting, Isn’t It..?

The things that are automatically deemed ‘trivial’:
It was meant to provide an insight into the policies that might help make Britain a happier place.

But David Cameron’s £2 million drive to produce a ‘wellbeing index’ was branded a farce last night after it emerged that a public consultation had been bombarded with trivial ideas.
Such as..?
One contributor said they would like to see better quality pies and chip butties
Yup, that’s trivial all right.

Any more?
Another urged the Government to provide ‘something half decent on TV’
Yup, pointless.
One contributor called for an end to the smoking ban, saying: ‘I would love to go out again and relax with a few pints and some cigarettes, relaxing with friends.
'A pint just isn't the same anymore when I need to go outside in all weathers to smoke my cigarette at the same time as drinking my pint.’
Err, no, that’s not ‘trivial’ at all.
In a contribution that seems unlikely to be adopted as Government policy, one member of the public said they would only be happy if they were ‘free to protect my property and family, with a gun if needs be’.
And nor is that.

So why lump them all in together? Unless you wanted to encourage people to point and laugh at such radical concepts as freedom, tolerance and the right to self-protection?


Ranter said...

Ken Clarke has a heart attack when he discovers a drug dependent hoodie burglar inside his house? That'd make me feel good!

Angry Exile said...

I'd go along with the last couple, but I'd add that everybody would probably be happier if the government stopped asking stupid questions and fucked off.

JuliaM said...

I certainly would!