Monday, 25 April 2011

Yes, Probably!

Well, you know full well they would, if they thought they could get away with it:
Mrs McIntyre’s son Andy, father of her gardening helper, eight-year-old Jack, added: ‘It’s the lunatics in charge of the asylum. Are we going to be asked to wash our weeds next?
‘This is council taxpayers’ money. That’s why councils are in the mess they are in.
‘There’s someone sitting there thinking of parameters for weeds and soil. It’s utter madness.’
It is indeed. Cut harder and faster, Eric Pickles.


PT said...

"Cut harder and faster, Eric Pickles."
Indeed. And here's another idea, Mr Pickles - Don't just leave it up to the Councils themselves where to make the cuts. Allow local Council Tax payers (but only genuine net payers of the tax) to elect unpaid, unexpensed committees to decide exactly which Council posts are unnecessary and should be eliminated, as well as supervising all proposed new appointments.

Captain Haddock said...

Agreed PT .. and the sooner the better too ..

Zaphod said...

Recycling should be a good idea, but in the hands of councils it's just become total bullshit. (Can I say bullshit in here?)

Ancient and tattered airman said...

This land of ours is increasingly surreal.

JuliaM said...

"And here's another idea, Mr Pickles - Don't just leave it up to the Councils themselves where to make the cuts."

Splendid idea!

"(Can I say bullshit in here?)"

You can :)

EU stink said...

I once read that the whole recycling 'n' dustbins idea was cooked up by the Belgians and Dutch who were miffed they had no landfill sites to bury their waste. If the info is correct, in one of those splendid pieces of eu-huffery these two flatlanders insisted that recycling should be the golden goal of the EuSSR, and as such all entities subject to the diktat of Brussels. And lo, so it came to pass.

Now craven UK councils insist they have no choice but to regulate (though they actually enjoy it) and have to follow the rules. Of course, at a local the rules are in the hands of the binmen.

Don't wanna do it, don't have to...