Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A New Policy! Bound To Solve All Problems!

A new policy that deals with bad behaviour ‘quickly, effectively and consistently’has been drawn up by Darwen Vale High School bosses.
Yes, it’s this place in the news once more.
Headteacher Hilary Torpey has revealed that the proposed new disciplinary code has been given to the unions, leadership staff and governors for consultation.
I thought the problem – as outlined by the striking teachers – was lack of adherence to the old disciplinary code?

So why would a new one make the slightest bit of difference?

After all, with geniuses like this on the board of governors, I suspect the school is doomed anyway:
Don Heatlie-Jackson, chairman of governors at Darwen Vale High School, said: "I would also like to reiterate that we have no serious concerns about behaviour at Darwen Vale - it is no different to any other school in the borough.
Is any other borough school in the newspapers because their staff are striking? No?

Then clearly, there’s something different about this one.

Mind you, the council itself seems staffed with morons:
Coun Maureen Bateson, executive member for children’s services at Blackburn with Darwen Council, said: ‘We have to ensure children are the number one priority and parents are getting to know what’s going on. I do hope all parties can get round the table and resolve the issues as soon as possible.’
Actually, it’s children’s education that should be the number one priority.

Making children themselves the ‘number one priority’ has proven to be the problem, not the solution…


Anonymous said...

Money could be saved by stopping this Government funding.


JuliaM said...

It's a long, long list - why is no-one in the Cabinet seemingly acting on it?