Saturday, 23 April 2011

Low Hanging Fruit...

'She said to me: "Madam, your dog is off of the lead," and I apologised and explained he had just shot out. But she told me it was a zero tolerance policy and said she was going to fine me.'
I'm absolutely certain that 6ft, tattooed Stabby McChav would be similarly pursued with zero-tolerance vigour should he happen to wander past with 'Fang' at his heels, sans leash.

Absolutely certain...


Richard said...

'Because he had been waiting to go out he was probably desperate, and he literally just went.'

Over the warden's shoes, I hope.

Budvar said...

The bottom line is, the little jumped up thought crime stasi enforcers will only give you as much shit as you're prepared to take.

They wont prosecute "Stabby McChav" because when they ask for his name he says "Am I under caution?" and regardless of whether the answer is yes or no he just says "Then I don't have to answer any of your questions, so er.. .no comment".

They've no power of arrest, and can't physically restrain you. So just walk away. They lay a hand on you and it's a physical assault and young stabby is well within his rights to split their nose right down to bone.

They can call for Police back up, but unless there happens to be one within 20 ft, good luck with that!!

Anonymous said...

Zero Tolerance = Zero Thought
These policies allow the brain donors who take too many of these posts to exercise their "jobsworth" nature. Of course if she were not a gentle, frail pensioner but a tattoed chav with obligatory Pit Bull the "warden" would be heading, at speed in the opposite direction.

Budvar said...

Point taken anon, but regardless of your appearance we don't live under a regime (however much TPTB wish it were so) of having to produce our papers on demand to the local stasi.

These people are totally powerless, and have no more right to demand anything from you than I have.

Their only sanction is call the Police on you and as I said earlier "Good luck with that".

banned said...

Sadly this particular lady emerged from a car which made her identifiable otherwise she could have have told the Stasi to get lost.
You are correct about the treatment Stabby McChav. At my old office we would sometimes park around the back for short periods. We got the odd parking ticket but then they built some 'social housing' flats and filled them with riff-raff. I gather that the traffic wardens had a number of altercations with the new residents until they stopped bothering the neighbourhood at all, to everybodys mutual benefit.

JuliaM said...

"They've no power of arrest, and can't physically restrain you. So just walk away."

Ah, but as Banned points out, they'd simply take her registration details and issue a FPN, knowing full well that she'd probably pay up rather than make them prove the offence.

"Zero Tolerance = Zero Thought"

Anyone who uses 'off of' can be marked down as that!

Rob said...

As one of the commenters pointed out, £50 fine for burning a poppy wreath on Armistice Day (with a huge police escort to ensure it happened, of course), £75 for your terrier running around a public park for 60 seconds.

Two stories which sum this country up, to be honest. Governed by cowardly bullies who are happy to punish grandmothers and small dogs but who shit themselves when the real threats appear.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX 'She said to me: "Madam, your dog is off of the lead," XX

Reply SHOULD have been;

"But you do not appear to have a collar where I could attach you to one."