Friday, 3 April 2015

A Product Of The Entitlement Generation, Who Seemingly All Possess The Selfishness Gene…

Erin, who preferred not to give her full name, lives with her boyfriend and their dog, Bo, in Los Angeles. She went online to buy a service vest for her pooch, because she wanted to avoid the fees charged by airlines for non-service animals - in the region of $90-$150 (£60-£100) to fly, one-way.Unlike working animals, they must be restrained in a container for the entire flight.
Erin, who is not disabled, travels everywhere with Bo because she says she can not bear to leave him home alone.
I think I can see why she prefers not to give her full name...
"I just love him so much much, it's crazy," she says. For $150, she purchased from a website a vest and certificate, stating that Bo is a full service dog. She says she feels guilty about cheating the system, but adds that she has a number of friends who behave in the same way.
You mean they are narcissistic, immoral airheads too? Fancy! They do say birds of a feather flock together…
"It concerns me when there are four dogs on a flight, and I know that mine isn't fully certified," she says. "I know he's fine but I don't know if some other dog is going to freak out."
Yes, that’s right, she’s complaining about the potential irresponsibility of those others who are doing exactly what she’s doing!

The seam of chutzpah this article’s mining goes that deep..!


Brightside Bob said...

Upon first reading, I thought your post was referring to military dogs!!!

"Service Vest", Kevlar vests for poochs?

Still, might deter Mad Abdul & his virginal pals from an attempted hijacking (wouldn't want to enter Paradise sans their enrichment tackle would they...).

Happy Easter Julia!

Andy said...

Very nice, good spot. Happy Easter from me too.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX "Service Vest", Kevlar vests for poochs? xX

Yes. For the bomb detectors.

JuliaM said...

"Upon first reading, I thought your post was referring to military dogs!!!"

You'd think so, wouldn't you!