Monday, 6 April 2015

Well, I Suspect This Is At Least Accurate…

Kathryn Turner, defending Maskrey, said: “He has asked me to indicate remorse.”
In the same way the driver of the Ford Focus I followed yesterday indicated right, then turned left, no doubt…
The magistrates gave Maskrey a two-year conditional discharge, meaning he will be re-sentenced for the matter if he offends again in that period. He must also pay £87 in court costs and a £15 victims’ surcharge.
Chairman of the bench Hugh Riley said: “Regarding Bruno, we are ordering a contingent destruction order. We order that Bruno must be kept on a lead and muzzle in public places and outside home, except when in the secure compound of the home.”
Despite the fact the wretched animal is a serial offender:
Miss Islam asked the court for a destruction order for Bruno and cited an incident in August 2012 when the same dog had bitten through the coat of a man, a matter not pursued in the criminal courts which was settled by compensation.
Bruno’s nervousness around unknown males stems from abuse he suffered at the hands of a previous owner, when he was left in a cupboard.
Which makes him a ticking time bomb around unknown males. Why keep such an animal?
Maskrey, of previous good character, has done a lot of voluntary work with re-homing abandoned dogs with his wife and they allowed dog-training to take place on their land, Miss Turner said.
She added that the couple had sought advice from a former police dog trainer, Ian McParland, who concluded that Bruno did not pose a threat to public safety.
Tell that to the stitches in poor Mr Goggins’ arm…


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor dog.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

"Miss Islam "

Is that like "Miss Universe" or "Miss "World"?

JuliaM said...

"I feel sorry for the poor dog."

I often do too, but not so sorry I don't think a vet would have the best solution. Administered hypodermically.

"Is that like "Miss Universe" or "Miss "World"?"