Thursday, 30 April 2015

Quote Of The Month

LegIron takes on the idiocracy:
"Today I read about the terrible, terrible supermarkets taking advantage of the innumerate idiots churned out by modern education. No wonder they used to do that ‘computers for schools’ thing in supermarkets. If they gave the kids books instead of computers they might learn something useful instead of the most appropriate position for a blow job or how to change the dashboard in a Lamborghini.
There were times in the past when I bought two half-bottles of whisky instead of a whole one. It’s not exactly calculus to work out that if a half costs £9 and a whole costs £20, then two halves for £18 is a better deal. If in doubt, they put the price per litre in little writing at the bottom of the label. Pick the option with the lowest unit price. This is not difficult, people."


Mike Cunningham said...

My all-time favourite labelling was seen in a Tesco which stated:-

Detergent.......£7.00 each.

Two for £14.00

JuliaM said...