Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Not A Great Use Of Public Funds…

Mr Tweddle said the family had concerns about Tyrrell’s treatment and had launched their own independent legal report concerning whether Article 2 of the Human Rights Act, the right to life, had been adhered to.
Mr Tweddle said he had found that Article 2 was not “engaged” but rejected the family’s request to adjourn the case while they applied for public funding to challenge it.
Are they the sort of people who deserve public money, I wonder?
The pensioner had been labelled as the mastermind behind the biggest cocaine smuggling operation ever seen in the country after UK Customs and Excise seized 396 kilos of cocaine, worth about £90m, on a beach of his house, on the Isle of Wight, in 2000.
Ah. Answered that question.


Anonymous said...

Scum family just don't do irony do they? They should be taken to a drugs treatment centre to see the damage that his drugs have done and made to hang their heads in shame.

MTG said...

What a wonderfully original idea from WC Jaded. Perish the thought of any 'monkey/typewriter' randomness.

And for transport, Jaded should arrange for a Jumbo cruiser to accommodate this family, along with West Yorkshire's DC Nicholas McFadden and the entourage of plod dealers.

Anonymous said...

Still haven't answered my question Melvin,quick before the laptop is confiscated by your carer.

andy5759 said...

Maybe the poor sod snuffed it before he told his missus where all the money was salted away. Just as soon as his executors get in touch this whole thing will fade away.

JuliaM said...

"Scum family just don't do irony do they?"

Or guilt and shame.