Monday, 21 March 2016

Official Council Statements Are The Best!

A Crayford woman claims her autistic and epileptic grandson has missed four years of education because he was not offered a school place by Bexley Council.
What? Surely not!
Mrs Malpas does not have a job as she is a full-time carer for Jack, who takes medication to tame his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
A Bexley Council spokesman said: “We cannot go into detail or disclose the personal information about this case except to say that the only time Karen Malpas’ grandson Jack has been without education was at the time he was receiving medical support in 2011.
“At all other times he has been receiving education and he currently attends a specialist tuition centre where he has the benefit of a one to one personal assistant to ensure that his needs are met.
“He is reported to be doing well in this placement.
“We are in the process of approaching alternative schools as he is now a secondary school student and, while this happens, his education will be continued with the support he is currently receiving.”
Ah. We can read between the lines.


proglodyte said...

One has sympathy for the grandmother, who has devoted so many years caring for the lad after his natural parents had washed their hands of him. TBH, he's probably in the safest hands anyway.

JuliaM said...

It is a little strange that the paper makes no mention of this, isn't it?