Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I'd Have Thought It Was Obvious Why They Weren't...

Mrs Clarke, of Pansy Road, claimed the terriers had been involved in at least two previous incidents.
Now staff at McColls newsagents in nearby Burgess Road are signing a petition calling for the dogs to be destroyed amid fears their next victim could be a child.
Jackie Hodder, who works in the shop, said: “They should have been put down after the first incident - we can’t understand why they weren’t.
One of her colleagues said people were living in fear, especially couples with children.
He added: “The whole community wants these dogs to be put down. There are a lot of angry people around here.
It's because the Southampton Police aren't doing the job they are paid to do...
Mrs Clarke, who was left with a bill for £550, added: “No-one knows how Lulu got through this.
“I don’t know whether I’m ever going to get over it. I can’t sleep - every time I close my eyes I see the attack all over again.”
A police spokesman said officers had recorded the allegation but any investigation would be carried out by the city council’s dog warden.
Which is not that unusual for this particular police farce, after all.


Bucko said...

""amid fears their next victim could be a child.""

If the next victim is an adult, would that be ok with you? Why do some idiots believe childrens lives are worth more than anyone elses?

MTG said...

Yet another response from the 'Policing Service' of the useless variety.

JuliaM said...

" Why do some idiots believe childrens lives are worth more than anyone elses?"

I suppose it goes back to the old idea that 'children are our future'.

Bucko said...

'children are our future'

Not this hopeless generation.