Monday, 14 March 2016

Glorious Diversity For Essex!

A 16-year-old from Westcliff, who cannot be named for legal reasons, launched the vicious knife attack on a boy from his school after a row over Facebook escalated into a physical fight in the street.
Southend Youth Court heard the teenager organised to meet up with the boy he was arguing with outside McDonalds in Southend’s High Street on October 22 last year.
Tamsin Sharpe, prosecuting, said: “The victim was at his home and was arguing with the defendant over Facebook chat.
“They were having a disagreement about the defendant being disrespectful towards females. “
“They agreed to meet outside McDonalds and there was a fight, they were punching each other.
The victim won the fight as he had the defendant pinned to the floor.” Following the fight, the victim got up to walk away but noticed the 16-year-old attacker had got to his feet and was pulling out a knife. A chase ensued and the defendant caught up with the boy, before stabbing him in the chest.
But never let it be said that these fights are unregulated!
The court heard the fight and the stabbing were witnessed by the victim’s cousin, who had stood nearby to keep watch over his relative.
Lovely. Meanwhile, in Colchester:
At 6.17pm, Essex Police officers were called to St Botolph’s Street to reports that four men had attacked another man
Then, just five minutes later, officers found an 18-year-old London man in St John’s Green with suspected stab wounds to his shoulder. It is thought he may have been attacked near Southway. He was taken to hospital for treatment and police subsequently arrested him on suspicion of possession of cannabis.
At 6.27pm a 21-year-old man from Barking was found in North Hill with a stab wound to his leg. He is believed to have been attacked in the town’s High Street. He was taken to hospital for treatment and police arrested him on suspicion of violent disorder.
And just four minutes after that a 17-year-old man from London was found near the Jumbo car park at Balkerne Gardens with four suspected stab wounds to his arm. He was also taken to hospital and police arrested him on suspicion of violent disorder, possession of cannabis and breach of bail conditions.
I wish I could believe that gangs are seeking alternative opportunities in the counties because the Met have made things too hot for them in London, but I can’t say I could type that with a straight face, frankly…


Oswald Thake said...

"...organised to meet up with..."? What was wrong with '...arranged to meet...'?

Anonymous said...

I take it you have never heard of 'County Lines' then? This is when a drug gang moves from London or another big city into another area. They do this to exploit a gap that has been created in a local market usually after local enforcement activity has created a gap, alternatively they move in and take over from local dealers. A recent NCA report showed some of the tactics they use -
The gangs have the advantage that they can exploit the different force boundaries, they can react quickly and flexibly and have a ready supply of cheap labour. As the report said, they exploit young or vulnerable people to do their work for them. It takes time to gather evidence against such people and get them through the courts. But they do get arrested - it's just it cant be done in an hour with a few commercial breaks. In the real world courts rather like evidence to support a charge. Some do get arrested.

Nice Mr Pierrepoint said...

It's not the Met they're scared of, but other gangs. Essex isn't the only county experiencing a vibrancy overspill from London.

rbbarnet said...

I think that there will be a reaction to this with Southend or Glasgow being the first.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Are they all aspiring rappers?

JuliaM said...

"What was wrong with '...arranged to meet...'?"

I do sometimes suspect that the story writers have English as a second - maybe third! - language...

"They do this to exploit a gap that has been created in a local market..."

So it's all down to the ultra-efficiency of Essex Police..? Hmmm... :)

"Are they all aspiring rappers?"

And promising footballers.