Wednesday, 30 March 2016


The 29-year-old woman was had been (sic) walking her dog on a field behind Pale Meadow Road, near to Severn Street when her dog approached a man’s dog, police say.
Both animals were off-lead their leads. The man’s dog, a white bichon frise, appeared to be scared of the victim’s dog.
The white bichon frise’s owner, who was accompanied by a woman, then took what is thought to be a baton and threatened the victim. He shouted at the victim and then allegedly threatened to hurt her dog.
The duo then walked off in the direction of Pale Meadow housing estate. It happened at about 1pm on Saturday, March 12.
The offender is a white man believed to be in his 50s, of a medium build with short grey, swept back hair. The woman who was with the man is described as white, with shoulder length grey/blonde hair. It is believed she was also in her 50s and was wearing glasses
Now, why would a middle-aged couple feel the need to carry a baton when walking their (identified) dog?

Could it be because police are totally uninterested in attacks on dogs by other dogs, usually of a bull terrier type, even when it often leads to pet death or human personal injury?
Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting incident 377S of march 12.
But suddenly they are very keen to identify the people who might have simply felt that, in the absence of any likely action by the authorities, it would be prudent to have some means of self-defence?

*Dog Of No Appearance


Andy said...

They don't like it when we take the law back into our own hands.

JuliaM said...

No, they don't. We might get the idea we don't need 'em!