Wednesday, 22 September 2021

You Need To Feel Like A Prisoner...

Speaking to the Sun Online, Stephen said that he felt he needed to act because the doorbell overlooked his own home.
He told the website: 'It's pathetic, I know. But I feel like a prisoner. I open the gate and the camera is looking straight at me. It's just not right.'

...but thanks to our worthless justice system, you aren't one.  

However, Victoria Riscinskis, 39, who had purchased the smart doorbell, said she had done so in order to look after her vulnerable 61-year-old uncle who lives alone at the property.
Speaking about the situation, she told the Sun Online she had contacted the police, her local council and her MP around 50 times out of fear for the safety of her uncle.
She said: 'The council needs to take action with their tenant because we can't keep living with the constant fear of his unpredictable behaviour.
'No one is taking responsibility and enough is enough. How much do we have to put up with until something is done?'

They'll act after he assaults (or worse) your uncle, or you. Maybe. If you're lucky. 

Responding to Victoria's comments, a Birmingham City Council spokesperson said that their safety team were dealing with the concerns and are working to address them.
While a West Midlands Police spokesman said that they have taken action and investigated each of the reported incidents - which led to Stephen's prosecution. They added that they are aware the problems remain ongoing though and remain in contact with Victoria and her family.

So basically, just put up with it and get back to us the next time this nutter damages your property.  


MTG 1 said...

I just ignore the bastards. It's folly to pay plod's 'phone charges when there is no point in wasting further resources on a useless service.

JuliaM said...

Sadly, most people can't ignore them.