Thursday, 23 September 2021

Did We Expect Anything Else..?

Conditions in hotels used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers during the pandemic are akin to detention centres, according to a report that also says accommodation is often sub-standard and sometimes unsafe.

Oh? And who exactly produced this report..? 

It was conducted by academics at Edinburgh Napier University in partnership with grassroots organisation Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment.

Well, what a shocker! 

And what have asylum seekers (assuming they are genuine) to do with this organisation? Don't they realise that migrants and asylum seekers aren't supposed to be the same things? 

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The report in question contains a number of factual inaccuracies, is based on a limited sample size and the Home Office has not been asked to provide any evidence or direct input into the report. During the height of an unprecedented health pandemic, to ensure asylum seekers were not left destitute, additional accommodation was required at extremely short notice.”

It's OK, no need to explain yourselves. I wouldn't bother to read this either. Into the round file with it!


Bucko said...

"Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment."


It's all they ever want

Anonymous said...

So 4 star hotels and military barracks are ok for British families, and military personnel who are serving their country, but not ok for illegal economic migrants from shitholeistan. What standards are these morons looking for? You can put savages into a palace and it will be turned into a pigsty quite quickly. They feel justified in their accusations and, if the (free) accommodation and food was up to their acceptable standards, their highly paid posts, courtesy of the taxpayer, would cease to exist.
Politically motivated cretins and morons, all of 'em.

Nemisis said...

Many (most?) of these refugees/economic migrants/liars have had a difficult and expensive journey to arrive in the UK. But why did they choose the UK as their destination? Was it because we are supposed to be super generous and treat them better than we treat our own?
Or is it because we clearly don't have the balls to send them back to Africa?
And don't ask me about cretins preventing us from repatriating convicted criminals!

JuliaM said...



It's all they ever want"

Spot on!

"Politically motivated cretins and morons, all of 'em."

Again, spot on!

"But why did they choose the UK as their destination?"

Because we are mugs.