Thursday, 23 June 2022

Well, That's A Relief At Least...

Boakye no longer works in the classroom​...
But the damage is already done.
Racism in education should be treated as a safeguarding issue, with anti-racist policies in all schools in England and training for staff, according to a new book.
Jeffrey Boakye, a black English teacher, author and broadcaster, argues that schools are unsafe places for students marginalised by race, and warns that black children are attending institutions that might “actively contribute to their harm”.
He says issues of social justice, including racism, should be taken as a key performance indicator in schools.

Yes, it's yet another fifth-columnist now making a nice living from the grievance industry: 

Boakye, who now delivers training, talks and consultancy on issues around race, anti-racism and curriculum design to schools, as well as co-presenting BBC Radio 4’s Add to Playlist with Cerys Matthews, also addresses recent moves to decolonise the curriculum in England.

Truly, those who can, do, those who can't, teach...and those with an eye on a lucrative career telling everyone how racist Britain is get showered with public money to do so: 

Decolonisation is not simply a case of better representation and increased diversity,” he writes.
“Those things are a start, absolutely, but to decolonise the curriculum is to recognise that it exists as part of a system that is rooted in racist soil. Only then can we begin to uproot, and plant something better.”

The question would appear to be, why haven't those majority-black countries already built 'something better'..?  


Old Peculier said...

Why is it none of these buggers ever move to a country that isn't racist??
Oh but then they would have to get off their arse and find proper work, without all the benefits
they have playing the "racism" card in the U.K.

James Higham said...

That's the issue, innit ... the damage is already done. And they know it full well.

Martin said...

Indeed, the demand that England must change to suit Africans and Asians better shows the absolute arrogance and sense of entitlement of these immigrants.

Just Say No...

ivan said...

If they don't like it in the UK they could always go back to their country of origin - oh, sorry, if they did that all the free-loading would stop.

Squires said...

"...schools are unsafe places for students marginalised by race..."

How many schools with large numbers of the "marginalised" are unsafe places, period?

"...decolonise the curriculum in England.."

Right. Non-English fuck off then?

Or is it that every word spoken by these serpents really means its opposite?