Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Why Should The UK Taxpayer Be On The Hook?

A woman has described the moment her dog tried to kill her in her own home, leaving her with horrific injuries more akin to a "shark attack".

Her own dog, eh? 

Caroline Fisher, 48, had only just returned to her home in Blackpool, Lancashire, when her Bulgarian rescue dog Metcho turned on her on Thursday June 9.
The 5ft6 Karakachan, which weighs a whopping 12st 8lb, ripped the back off her right arm and mauled her left leg so badly her tendons were left exposed as she battled to escape with her life.


The carer who lives with her brother Richard said Metcho had only ever been aggressive towards another dog once before and never expected that he could turn on her.

Ah, the old 'He's never done that (to me) before' again...  

A passing neighbour came to her aid and Caroline was rushed to hospital, where she remains awaiting multiple skin and muscle graft surgeries. But her family have slammed Lancashire Police, who they claim didn’t respond to the dangerous emergency for three days.

Wait, what..? 

...her brother, Richard, said: “All they were bothered about was that the dog was in the house.
“They said it wasn’t a priority.
“I had the dog in the back garden but I was worried that he would escape over the fence
“The dog warden said the only time they would come out is if social services called them out, they said they don’t come out to a dangerous dog like that for their own health and safety.
“The police finally rang back on Sunday afternoon and said we have seen your sister, we know how bad the attack is, we are going to get the ball rolling.
“The copper that came was actually really good to be fair, he said ‘I can’t believe it has taken this long’
“But they tried to charge me £1,200 to get the dog put down and they asked me if I could get rid of the body.
“I said ‘how am I meant to do that, it’s not a case of just digging a hole in your garden, how am I meant to get rid of an 80kg dog that’s basically just eaten my sister?’”

You pay the vet what he asks to cremate the thing and thank your lucky stars you aren't paying a hell of a lot more for your sister's funeral! 

The dog was finally put down on Sunday evening after three days of Richard being forced to stay upstairs and eat out every night while keeping Metcho locked in the kitchen.

Serves him right! 

Now the family have launched a GoFundMe to help Caroline financially as she will only receive two weeks paid sick leave despite doctors being unable to predict how long she will be hospitalised.
Richard said: “It was like some of them didn’t have a clue some, sounded like they weren’t bothered, the RSPCA just said we’re a charity we don’t deal with this.”
Lancashire Police confirmed that they have since requested that the vet bill for Metcho to be destroyed is invoiced to them and not Caroline's family.

What?! Why should the taxpayer foot the bill for what was a totally self-inflicted incident? Why should strangers pay for this stupid woman's injuries caused as a result of her own stupidity?  


Sam Vega said...

I often meet dog owners whose pet has been rescued from Eastern European countries. One wonders what is wrong with it that nobody in the entire shit-hole country wants it. I wonder who takes their nuclear waste?.

Bucko said...

Wow! A rare dog attack case where the police actually didn't need to get involved. The level of 'everybody else's fault' is astounding here

JuliaM said...

" One wonders what is wrong with it that nobody in the entire shit-hole country wants it."

Well, precisely! But there's always some idiot over here that'll take the chance...

"The level of 'everybody else's fault' is astounding here"

It's a hallmark of these things, isn't it?