Wednesday 21 February 2024

The Trouble Is, He Does Know 'How It's Going To Play Out'...

...that's why he keeps doing it.
A drunk mechanic who used a baby as a human shield in a stand-off with police and bragged that it would take 16 officers to overpower him has escaped jail.

I'd say 'What?! How!?' if I didn't already know... 

The court heard how the accused had been involved in an incident the day prior where he threatened to give two parking wardens in South Street, Perth, 'a kicking' after they asked him to move his Audi.
The 40-year-old also admitted to acting in a threatening and abusive manner to wards the two parking attendants and ordered to carry out 255 hours unpaid work and placed on a 12-week curfew by Sheriff William Wood.

An Audi driver, eh? 🙄

Sheriff Wood told him: 'You have got a bit of a record. Your difficulty with the services of law and order are well documented.
'The alcohol thing is going to plague you if you don't get that under control. When you have had a drink, things seem to run away from you.
'When you see the black uniform that is when your anti-authoritarian feelings come out and you should know by now how that is going to play out.'

He does, judge. It's why he's not going to stop. 

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