Thursday 22 February 2024

When Your Day At Work Doesn't Go As Planned...

Great Yarmouth's brand new Herring Bridge became the Swearing Bridge after a control room blunder saw a volley of expletives played out to waiting motorists on loud speaker.
The structure, which was officially opened on Thursday, was closed to traffic on Saturday afternoon, due to an apparent mishap. To compound the problems for staff in the control room trying to fix it, their foul-mouthed converations were inadvertently played out on the public address system to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians waiting to be able to cross.
A recording reveals one worker saying: "I've been dealing with this ***** issue for four hours" before exclaiming "Oh for ****'s sake".

Heh! We've all been there! 

Its construction was delayed first by the discovery of a Second World War German bomb in the river below and then by the possibility that endangered voles might be living nearby.

Lucky there was no microphone in the council office at the time! 

H/T: Dave Ward via email


Doonhamer said...

At least the waiting folk could tell that somebody was actually trying.
And they were real human beings.
Unlike the usual deafening silence for nobody knows how long.

JuliaM said...

"At least the waiting folk could tell that somebody was actually trying."

Yes, good point!