Wednesday 28 February 2024

Why Do We Still Have A Problem With Dangerous Dogs?

Same reason we still have a problem with knife crime. Soft judges:
A carer whose XL bully puppy mauled a neighbour so badly her flesh was shredded down to the bone put a photo of the dog on her Facebook account two days later with the comment: 'Silly boy.'
Kimberly Wood, 23, posted the 'flippant' caption despite the victim, Kinga Gawron, needing hospital treatment for her 'horrendous' injuries. Eight months later she still doesn't have full use of her arm.

They say a picture tells a story and...dyed hair, nose ring. Living with her parents (is she a carer for them, or members of the public?). Hugely powerful but chav-fashionable dog she can't control. 

Days after the attack, the pet clamped its jaws on the arm of a police officer sent round to assess it, leaving her with minor injuries. It was destroyed the same day.

Strange how the police are able to act quickly when it's them on the recieving end. 

The officer, who was wearing protective leg gear, used a defensive position to protect herself and suffered minor injuries to her arm. After escaping from the dog, she arranged for it to be destroyed immediately. Armed colleagues arrived at the house shortly afterwards and took it to a vet where it was put down.

Why send armed cops and not just have them shoot the thing? 

Wood was yesterday given a four-month jail term, suspended for 18 months after admitting two counts of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Two counts. TWO! And she's only banned from owning a dog for a measly five years! 


Matt said...

The judiciary are part of the same "educated" idiot class as politicians, media folk, the BBC, First Division (LOL) civil servants and 3rd sector parasites.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that almost all these weapon-dogs are owned by either the 'diverse' demographic or ... women (of the sub-category colloquially known as "slappers").

'That' right there goes a long way to explaining why the (equally diverse and/or feminist/leftist) judiciary treats them so 'gently'.

Also, whilst the 'views' of the diverse crowd (that anyone not 'like them' isn't even human, and deserves anything they feel like doling out) are by now well known, it has become even more apparent that most women, rather than being the caring/sharing myth, are malevolent, narcissistic psychopaths and that the whole caring facade only occurs when it benefits .... them personally. [Hint: the callous disregard displayed by this thing for anyone other than herself 'is' representative of what a sizeable majority of women are really like ... when they aren't pretending for the attention].

JuliaM said...

"The judiciary are part of the same "educated" idiot class..."

Well, I've another bout of jury service coming up, so I'll report on how different it is from my last bout before long.

"I've noticed that almost all these weapon-dogs are owned by either the 'diverse' demographic or ... women (of the sub-category colloquially known as "slappers")."

Yes, I used to think they were just taking the flak for abusive boyfriends who were the real owners, but it appears in a lot of cases not to be true. A bizarre phenomenon.