Thursday 15 February 2024

This Is Why Little Ever Changes...

A police operation has been launched as officers change the way they respond to ‘dangerously out of control’ dogs in Dorset. Operation Indie is to become Dorset Police’s standard response when a dog has bitten a human or killed another animal.

 Good, good, at last they learn, so...what's the change here?

Operation Indie will mean that when a dog is involved in an incident, a dog handler will be deployed to the offending dog’s home address.


The handler will then carry out a risk assessment and give advice that has been written up by a top dog behaviourist in the UK. The aim is to keep the dog from being seized, while putting the onus on the owner to prove responsible dog ownership.

How does that help the victim, or the wider public? Because, astonishingly, that's not what's uppermost in the minds of the morons who have come up with this approach: 

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “Seizing a dog is the last resort and so if people can show that they are doing everything to ensure that the dog cannot bite again, then we prefer the dog stay at home for its own welfare.
“However, if a bite is so bad then it would leave us with no option but to seize.

Good grief! Just ask Police Scotland for advice, they know exactly how to deal with these situations

The spokesperson added: “We are lucky enough that unlike some other forces, our handlers on the dog section will all be dart delivery trained by April 2024 and so instead of seeing a dog out of control in public being shot dead, officers can attend and sedate the dog and then transport it to a vet.
“The vet can administer whatever care the dog may need as sometimes a dog’s actions can be because they are suffering an injury that we cannot see.“

Welcome to your 2024 police force. You thought they couldn't get woker. But Reader, you were wrong. 


MTG1 said...

One can now foresee verbal cautions for canines.

Penseivat said...

Clarkson's Law would sort this out.

JuliaM said...

"One can now foresee verbal cautions for canines."

"Bad dog!"

"Clarkson's Law would sort this out."

Indeed it would.