Friday 2 February 2024

I Suspect The Answer Is ‘Very Little’…

A growing number of organisations have been found to have discriminated against women because of their views. What are employers learning from such cases?

It won't be 'that they were wrong to fall under the spell of Stonewall' will it, Reader? 

Gender-critical feminists believe sex is biological and cannot be changed, and disagree with trans rights activists who say gender identity should be given priority in terms of law-making and policy.

Decribing it as a 'belief' rather than a recognition of reality shows the absurdity up for what it is. It's as daft as saying "Geographers believe the earth is round, and disagree with Flat Earthers who say transport policy should be decided on the basis that it's flat." 

After the Meade case last week, which like several others involved disciplinary action being initiated against an employee as a result of social media postings, Westminster council said it would “consider what changes we need to make”. For the local authority it comes too late to prevent a payout, but other employers may need to learn from it.

No, they do need to learn from it. But I suspect they won't.  

Georgina Calvert-Lee, an employment and equality barrister at Bellevue Law, agreed that the wider debate – in which gender-critical feminists and advocates of transgender rights have been at loggerheads – may have influenced employers, but said they must adjust their behaviour in light of the case law.
“What Forstater and Bailey have done is they’ve set this very strong precedent of tolerance,” Calvert-Lee said. “Above all, in a pluralistic society, which is what we want, you have to accept that people are going to have different views and some people are going to find their colleagues’ views completely obnoxious – but nevertheless protected because freedom of speech is something that … has been really promoted and underlined.
“It’s always been there but it’s been sort of forgotten in some of these culture wars.”

Not by everyone, just by those organisations in thrall to the likes of Stonewall.  


Jonathan said...

Reality cares not one jot what people. Reality carries on regardless.

JuliaM said...

Indeed. They might as well rail against gravity as against biology.