Monday 20 May 2024

I Agree With Insp Gadget At Last...

...we really do get the policing we deserve (not that we all deserve it):

This was the craven response from the Met Police to one of their officers getting a criminal record for coming up against one of the urban chip-on-shoulder, rules don't apply to ME creatures that roam our streets and ride our public transport system. These are, it seems, everywhere these days.

The fuss seems to have stemmed from the fact that, in doing his job, he 'overstepped his authority', according to a judge that anyone with common sense can see has clearly overstepped his

And instead of backing their officer to the hilt and pointing out that of course he was entitled to do what he did, the Met reflexively cringe in the face of opposition from a certain sector. And so TfL will continue to hemorrhage money and people who think they shouldn't have to do as everyone else does in a functioning society will be further emboldened, and life in the capital - and particularly commuting - gets just that little bit harder for everyone. Even the judge has to admit this: 

Throughout his verdict, Judge Ikram referred to the complainant as JA and to the defendant as D.
He said: 'Whether an arrest was necessary and proportionate is an objective test, I make the following findings to the criminal standard.
'I readily find that JA was difficult throughout, she knew the inspectors were checking tickets but didn't stop as she could have, but wanted them to follow her.
'I find that she did say she'd paid and was difficult perhaps because she knew she had paid, as was later established.
'I've examined the video carefully - on examination of the video footage, she clearly has the Oyster card in her hand outreached towards the inspectors' machine.
'In having it out it appears she may well have touched the machine given the opportunity to do so.This would have been visible to D.'

Look, we've all been there. Us commuters, I mean. Is it annoying to be ticket checked twice on the same journey? Yes, undoubtedly. But are you going to solve anything by getting into a strop? No. So just tap the bloody thing again, rather than act like a giant toddler denied an ice cream!  

It's always a certain demographic, too. As regular readers will know, I'm currently on jury service and have to go through a bag & body search every day. No argument, it's expected, was notified in advance, and is there for a very good reason. Last week, I witnessed a new prospective juror kick off because he’d brought in a bag of tools (hammers, chisels, etc!) so he could go to work after and didn’t want to let them take them off him and give him a receipt to claim them back after court, so simply stormed out of court. Want to guess his race?


Anonymous said...

I was a "bus wanker" for 14 years of my career. About three times a week we used to go out with Revenue Inspectors and I hated it. As TFL were paying for us we had no choice.
We would plot up in places like Lewisham High Street, Brixton High Road and the Elephant and Castle as they were the hotspots for fare-evasion and assaults on Inspectors. I'm sure you can guess why!!
The now scrapped bendy buses were the worst. On average 20-30% of passengers didn't pay.I had more fights with fare-evaders than I ever did with burglars, robbers shoplifters etc.
Their attitude was "I never pay on this route" and I would reply "today you are and also getting fined".
I won't comment on the demographic that we mainly dealt with.
This officer was well within his rights to detain this race-grifter. It's a condition of travel that you show your means of payment when asked by staff. He has been hung out to dry by cowardly senior management yet again but I think he will get off on appeal. I also predict that this vile woman will get a pay out for her hurt feelings.

Anonymous said...

More because no decent citizen has confidence in useless Mr Plod?

JuliaM said...

"... as they were the hotspots for fare-evasion and assaults on Inspectors. I'm sure you can guess why!!"

I can indeed, it's an attutude I've witnessed more than once, and 'barrier jumping' is rife at my local Tube station. That, ot simply pushing threough the disability gate - I've seen actual whole families do that, so the kiddies get the idea very young.

"More because no decent citizen has confidence in useless Mr Plod?"

How much of that is the 'lions led by donkeys' factor?