Friday 21 June 2024

Physician, Heal Thyself...

Consultant doctor Natalia Wilson, 53, turned on David Birrell and suggested he was being sexist towards women after he politely asked her to stop interrupting him during proceedings. In a bizarre legal rant, Wilson claimed the experienced barrister 'shouted at her in front of everybody' and said he had used 'discriminatory and abusive language' towards her.

That's not helping your case, madam.... 

She then called for Mr Birrell, who has been presenting cases for the General Medical Council for a decade, to be replaced by another lawyer, saying that he had an undiagnosed mental health condition and posed a 'high risk to female litigants.'

I'm pretty sure the hippocratic oath has something to say about diagnosing illness in a court sutiation, and if it doesn't, perhaps it should have. 

She further alleged the GMC itself had broken the law '50 times' during its investigation into her and suggested Mr Birrell see a psychiatrist saying he had 'persecutory delusions' about her.

Welp, might as well go for broke!  

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, Wilson, from Drayton, Oxfordshire was ordered to be erased from the medical register after she was found guilty of professional misconduct.

Shocker, I'm sure you'll agree, Reader? 

Earlier the hearing was told Wilson, who qualified in medicine in Russia and worked at HMP The Mount in Herts and HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, was applying for jobs with the East London NHS Foundation Trust and The Interact Medical locum Agency in 2022. She set up bogus email addresses to falsify character references purporting to be from four fellow consultant psychiatrists she had briefly met during her career. Fraud officials at the NHS trust began investigating the authenticity of Wilson's CV and noted one of the referees quoted had their forename and surname the wrong way round. Another reference was signed off with just the doctor's surname and not their title.

The only real surprise here is that someone in the NHS actually bothered to scrutinise references for once... 


KJP said...

Medice, cura te ipsum

Sobers said...

But 'Believe All Women', right? Women never lie about anything. /sarc

JuliaM said...

"Medice, cura te ipsum"

That's the intellectual content we come for! 🤗

"But 'Believe All Women', right? Women never lie about anything. /sarc"

Not sure that one's still doing the rounds. Not only has it been thoroughly debunked, who can tell if they really are 'women' anymore?