Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Does It Matter?

"The two dogs have been taken into police custody. It is not known at this stage what breed the dogs are."
They are vicious (not viscous!) and out of control. That is really all that matters, given that the penalty for keeping an admittedly illegal breed is so paltry
Police said that for a time paramedics had to stand off from the scene, leaving the injured lying in the road and on the pavement while officers tried to corale (sic) the second animal.
I note that the 'Mail' article reflects on the damage done thusly:
One man was said to have lost parts of a buttock and leg, while his wife’s forearm was apparently bitten to the bone. Most of the injuries were suffered by neighbours coming to help.
Neighbours who don't wear more body armour than a 'Mad Max' extra, unlike the police. And what does it say about either the way the police are viewed in modern Britain, or about Hastings, that everyone rushed to help. No-one stood around filming the attack for YouTube?

Next time, don’t stand your marksmen down, use them!

On the owner too, if necessary.


David Gillies said...

Does no-one have a machete these days? Severing a dog's spinal cord or lopping one of its legs off will generally dissuade it from biting people.

Arfur Arf said...

Sorry, but breed is important.

The police have been accused recently of breed profiling, and are institutionally breedist.

One simply cannot have pooches being stopped and frisked at random.

JuliaM said...

"Does no-one have a machete these days? "

Oddly enough, in the Stratford incident, plenty of onlookers probably did!

"The police have been accused recently of breed profiling, and are institutionally breedist."

You say that in jest, but...watch this space! Some take it seriously.