Friday, 6 July 2012


A Leeds driver is trying to trace a man whose runaway pony and trap badly damaged his car.
After falling into the road, the man made off on a second horse and cart pursuing the pony which had broken free of the trap.
Gosh! I wonder what sort of protected identity group we are talking about here?
Pete Chapman, a sales consultant, is facing a £625 bill for repairs to his VW Passat car and said he plans to take the pony and trap’s owner - who had refused to pay – to the Small Claims Court for compensation.
Mr Chapman, 41, said that police told him there was no action they could take under criminal law and the damage was a civil matter.
Glad to have washed their hands of that one, I suspect!
Soon after Mr Chapman texted a friend who recognised the description of a couple in the horse and cart.
The friend gave Mr Chapman the name and address of the man – whom he believed was a registered bankrupt – and his wife.
Curiouser and curiouser…
Mr Chapman reported the incident at Stainbeck Police Station. After obtaining a quotation for repairs he asked police to pass it to the horse owner asking him to settle bill or face civil action.
The man apparently told police he had no money to pay for the damage, said Mr Chapman.
Yet, he apparently has enough money to afford to own and feed two horses? And a wife?
Mr Chapman visited the owner and repeated the option, but the man declined to pay. He claimed the police had advised Mr Chapman not to approach him and he replied he was under no obligation to follow such advise and would sue him for repairs.
Good luck with that!
“I work very hard and people like this are taking the mickey,” he added.
Yes. Yes, they are.
A police spokesman said: “Police have been notified of a collision between a vehicle and a horse and cart on Sunday June. 27 No one was injured.
“The owners of both vehicles have been spoken to. An accident report has been completed and both parties have exchanged details. Non-mechanical vehicles on a public highway do not require insurance.”
Perhaps it’s time we had another look at that?

* Man (With Pony And Trap) Of No Appearance

H/T: Angry People In Local Newspapers


microdave said...

"Non-mechanical vehicles on a public highway do not require insurance"

Do you suppose I could reduce my running costs by converting my Panda to one horsepower?

Just what is a "Non-mechanical vehicle" in any case?

Anonymous said...

One way of solving problems like this would be to use a 12-bore to shoot the pony, immediately followed by the first male - probably thick-set, hulking, in-bred looking, shouting with an Irish accent - who complains about destroying his livelihood. If this became a regular sport then such incidents would cease and may help with the benefits balance of payments, though those elderly people who had paid a deposit for their drives to be tarmacced may kick up a stink!

JuliaM said...

"Do you suppose I could reduce my running costs by converting my Panda to one horsepower?"

If you call yourself Seamus O'Malley and give your address as the nearest traveller camp, then yes, probably!

"...though those elderly people who had paid a deposit for their drives to be tarmacced may kick up a stink!"

Look at it this way, we'd be doing them the same kindness as the poor bloody pony! :)

MTG said...

*Sigh* Content yourself with all things having a solution, JuliaM.

Even you can rid yourself of maggot infested raspberries to certain segments of society.

Anonymous said...

Ever had the lawn scarified Romany style and gratis, JuliaM?