Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Well, That Didn't Take Long, Did It?

Before Louise Evans graced these pages again, I mean:
A treasurer who was convicted of swindling more than £50,000 from a local rugby club has appeared in court again after a desperate attempt to pay back the money resulted in her breaking the law again.
That car she sold in an attempt to pay off the money? Well...
Following a court order to repay the debt to Whitehall Rugby Club, Louise Evans, pictured, of Champion Road, Kingswood "panicked" and sold her home and car to get the money.
However, the car, a Daewoo Lacetti, was not legally hers after she had released it to a short-term loans company as collateral.
Evans avoided jail completely this time around, facing a lengthy community order instead.
Gosh. How unexpected.


Anonymous said...

Leopards and spots

Anonymous said...

Ooh I don't know, I think we should take heart from this tale as it shows how when faced with adversity some people simply knuckle down and deal with it .. Mrs Evans had realised that her previous modus operandi was not open to her, no longer being in a position to indulge in false accounting nor indeed theft what with having vacated her position as the honarary treasurer, and so taking her cue from an popular TV programme had moved onto "Hustling" by selling a car she didn't own ... thus demonstrating she was a changed character ..

Also nice to see her appeal back in April was heard by no less a personage than Justice "I make pronouncements in a UK court which I say apply across the whole world" Eady - the man who did so much to make the UK the preferred "libel claims" jurisdiction of choice for various not very nice people who object to people writing not very nice thimngs about them ...

JuliaM said...

Good old Judge Easy. Now, why couldn't he have been mugged instead of someone I've never heard of?