Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let The Hilarity And Hijinks Commence!

A Canadian evangelist who believes he can "heal" people by kicking them in the face is heading to Croydon.
Oh boy! *gets popcorn* I can’t think of a better place, can you?

Ladies & gentlemen, place your bets!
In one incident, the burly pastor intentionally kicked an elderly woman in the face and in another a man was pushed over and lost a tooth.
Bentley says the Holy Spirit tells him to use these techniques as part of his "miracles".
Croydon magistrates’ll have no problems accepting that as an excuse, I’m sure…


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Ican give him several places he can work his miracles. Well actually, it's anywhere within the borders of Croydon!

Ancient+Tattered Airman said...

He must celebrate every miracle with a tattoo!

Trundlemaster said...

I'm normally pretty gobby but with this one, words fail me.

A face kicking preacher? In a major venue in Croydon. This suggests that there is some sort of market for this sort of thing in Croydon and its environs. Which says a lot about Croydon.

I'd love to see this geezer doing some street preaching though. Would he I wonder cry, 'kick your head in for jesus?' And, if so what sort of result would he get?

Trundlemaster said...

Oh and I noticed this gem as well. Foxes eating pets in Croydon.

Gem of a row on the comment boards afterwards.

JuliaM said...

"He must celebrate every miracle with a tattoo!"


"Oh and I noticed this gem as well. Foxes eating pets in Croydon."

Oh, good grief!

Trundlemaster said...

Croydon twinned with Bedlam