Saturday, 21 July 2012

Not Letting A Crisis Go To Waste, Are They?

The deranged man who shot up a cinema in Denver has once again become the immediate posterchild for everyone on the left's favourite hobby horse, from the Tea Party to the right to bear arms. That last would be funny if it weren't such a tragic incident, as citizens in that part of Denver are denied CCW permits, so no-one will get sho...

Oh. Right. Criminals and the deranged don't care about that, do they?

Oh, and of course, because this is Denver, I'm seeing many references to the conspiracy theories around the controversial artwork of the airport in comments and Twitter chatter.


People are strange. Just how twisted do you have to be to immediately think 'Wow! What an opportunity!' when you hear something like this?


Noggin the Nog said...

A good day to bury Piers Morgan?

Lynne said...

Having read the comments on the Weasel Zippers blog it seems that it's not just us Brits who think Piers Moron is a weapon's grade twat.

Rob said...

I could tell immediately that he wasn't Muslim because the BBC were covering the story.

Anonymous said...

Surely the film wasn't that bad?

JuliaM said...

"A good day to bury Piers Morgan?"

That's every day, isn't it? ;) At least, as Lynne points out, we aren't alone there.

"I could tell immediately that he wasn't Muslim because the BBC were covering the story."

They were very reticent to cover the Olympic torch grabber story, weren't they? Despite the near-blanket coverage of all other aspects of the wretched sports day.

"Surely the film wasn't that bad?"

Some reviewer who had the temerity to say it was got death threats!