Sunday, 15 July 2012

I Guess He's A Very Cross Terrier?

Neddie, a Jack Russell/Border Terrier Cross, attacked a woman walking her own dog in Castle Meadow public field in Berkeley.
The dog, which escaped when owner Helena Harrison, 42, dropped the lead, went for Susan Stump, sinking his teeth into her left knee.
Six months previously five-year-old Neddie ran out of his owner's house in Lantern Close and chased two children riding passed (sic) on their bicycles, Gloucester magistrates heard on Tuesday.
It was still aggressive when officers attended the house. But hey. let's give it another chance!
Defending barrister Susan Cavender said Harrison had installed a stair gate at her house after the first incident and has now put up fencing around the garden.
"She also puts a muzzle on Neddie whenever he goes out into public places but on this occasion he had just had a serious operation and was recuperating so she left the muzzle off.
She has acted like a responsible owner," she added.
No, she hasn't. A responsible owner would have either had the beast retrained or destroyed.

Certainly, they would not have taken the muzzle off just because he felt a bit poorly that day!


Anonymous said...

My great-granny would cook the hens with the anti-social attitude first, and it made *everyone* happy.

What we need is some good dog recipes, and whilst we're at it, some for horse meat too.

Greencoat said...

If anyone wants to eat my Jack Russell terrier they'll have to fight him first.

Their chances won't be good...

Anonymous said...


also note those guys:

Only silly people allow themselves to be intimidated by their own food ;)

JuliaM said...

"My great-granny would cook the hens with the anti-social attitude first, and it made *everyone* happy."