Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Don’t Hate Them, They’re Victims!

Two men fractured the skull of a father who had gone to the aid of his frightened, disabled son.
Victim David Sutton was punched and headbutted after challenging the yobs over an earlier attack on his son who has cerebral palsy.
The attack left Mr Sutton in intensive care after he suffered bleeding on the brain and required 16 stitches to his face.
The 52-year-old is now unable to work since giving up his job as a delivery driver following the trauma.
They did actually go down for it, too.
Now Mr Sutton, of Bucknall, has welcomed the 32-month jail terms handed to attackers Robert Evans and Lee Morley.
He told The Sentinel: "They have got long sentences and I'm happy with that."
Awww, bless! He thinks they will actually serve the time they are sentenced to…

Previous offences? Well, of course!
Evans, of Winchester Avenue, Bentilee, was jailed for a further 28 months after he attacked his neighbour in a row over parking in November 2010.
I’m assuming that’s on top, as it’s a separate issue? And not concurrent?

Let the mitigation commence!
Stuart Clarkson, defending Evans, said his client had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which led to 'impulsive behaviour'.
Mr Clarkson said: "He's the father of a child and is about to be the father to a second child next month.
"If he's to form a consistent part in these children's lives he must confront his own problems."
Perhaps, for the childrens’ sake, he shouldn’t be a consistent part in their lives?
Joanne Wallbanks, defending Morley, who produced references in support of her client, said: "The references show he's a hard-working young man who takes his family responsibilities seriously."
Except for when he’s assaulting strangers and neighbours, I suppose?

And hey! He’s bred too! Great!


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Mr Clarkson said: "He's the father of a child and is about to be the father to a second child next month. XX

Extremely impulsive then.

Robert the Biker said...

I do hate them and they aren't victims.
Drag them outside, beat them within an inch of their lives and leave them lying in the gutter in a pool of blood. I absolutely guarantee you that these worthless scrotes will not repeat the behaviour.

JuliaM said...

I'm beginning to wonder if it won't come to that...