Thursday, 19 July 2012

"Oh. Yes. And Some Other People Were Affected Too..."

"Not only was police time wasted but other people found themselves being stopped and searched and inconvenienced.
"We have chosen to take action against this man because his behaviour was foolish and reckless.
"I hope others who might be tempted to waste police time will think twice."
"But that doesn't really matter so much. What's important is that we wasted our time."


CJ Nerd said...

The thing is, Julia, wasting people's time isn't illegal, so they couldn't do him for that.

Wasting police time, in the very narrow sense of telling them about a nonexistent crime, *is* illegal, and so they *could* do him for it. And, indeed, it was probably about the only thing they could do him for.

Surely you wouldn't want them to let him off?

Anonymous said...

Surely a better response to this would have been for 2 Police officers (one female, one male) to call at the ex-partner's house and say, "We stopped the car, neither would get out, so we shot them! Thank you for being such a good citizen." and then drive away. The problem with this is that no-one has a sense of humour these days!

Anonymous said...

Come on Julia don't disappoint.You must be composing a post about Simon Harwood.MTG and the other mentally-ill are poised by their keyboards.

banned said...

Poor bloke is a victim of BTs policy of removing telephone kiosks.

JuliaM said...

"Surely you wouldn't want them to let him off?"

No, not at all, though the punishment hardly fits the crime. I was just struck by the fact that everything else was an afterthought...

"Come on Julia don't disappoint.You must be composing a post about Simon Harwood."

Watch this space... ;)