Wednesday 13 October 2010

Is There Really That Much Difference Any More?

'Perhaps the sort of argument parents might expect with a teenager but not a 35-year-old man.'
Nope, not so unusual these days. And the result of that argument was, sadly, no longer so unusual either...
And his grandmother Olive told detectives 'although he was much loved by them, he was a source of anxiety for them' and he was 'withdrawn and a fantasist.'
She also said she thought her son and daughter-in-law had spoilt the defendant as they 'waited on him hand and foot.'
What an appalling story. And even his defence will find it hard to come up with any mitigating circumst...

Mr Aylett told the court a defence psychiatrist claimed Daniel was 'either suffering from acute stress reaction or some other abnormality of the mind' at the time of the killings.
But he added the prosecution expert disagreed and said: 'He accepts the defendant is out of the ordinary but only in the sense he's a pathological liar who appears to feel little genuine remorse for the terrible crimes he committed.'
On balance, I think I'm going to go with the prosecution here.


Mrs Erdleigh said...

That prosecution is not going to get much defence work with views like that is he? Sounds like a psychiatrist after my own heart.

Dick the Prick said...

Err...he killed his folks for .... OMFG. I'm exactly the same age as this lad and my old dear's a hard Oirish matriach but, and this is the kicker which fantastically irritates the hell out of her; I've evolved noise filters in my ears which mean that any nagging (accurate or not) just sounds like static. All lads get this by 8 usually.

May not be the best solution but this lad should just be left a bottle of whiskey and a pistol to do the decent. What an absolutely scummy piece of detritus.

I notice the greatest anger was reserved for his mother. Uuurrggghhh

JuliaM said...

"That prosecution is not going to get much defence work with views like that is he?"

Oh, I don't know. Some of the best actors in the world make convincing villains AND heroes..

"All lads get this by 8 usually."

Something went very, very wrong in this chap's wiring, that's clear.

And yes, I'd have expected the prosecution to make a meal out of the disparity in stab wounds. Perhaps they did, and the report glossed over it?