Saturday 16 October 2010

Just Squabble Amongst Yourselves….

…but don’t ask me to pay for it:
The company should only have been given permission to use the Change4Life logo on its website alongside a message encouraging a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

However, its use of the anti-obesity campaign logo on one of its websites used to promote snacks including KitKats, was sanctioned by the Department of Health.
A boob. Who cares?

Its continued use of the logo is now under discussion after Sustain, the children's food campaign group, questioned why the symbol was being used on a website promoting high-sugar cereals and confectionery.
The ‘Fakecharity’ website is down, so I can’t look it up (if it is a charity at all, and not merely a quango), but a glance at its own website would seem to indicate that it might well be another one:
”The alliance is independent from the agri-food industry and is funded from grants (from charitable foundations and government or government related sources), membership subscriptions and sales of publications.”
Nestle must be secretly quite amused by the whole thing.
A Nestle spokeswoman said: "The use of the Change4Life logo on our Get Set Go Free website was approved and agreed by the Department of Health.

"We will continue to work with the Department of Health and will act on any changes they advise us to make."
Naturally, the OUTRAGE! Hasn’t been dialled down on the part of the rent-a-mouth:
Children's Food Campaign coordinator Christine Haigh said: "This is yet another example of the food industry claiming to promote healthy lifestyles whilst in fact encouraging families to eat more junk food.

"No company that uses these practices should be allowed to be associated with a Government health campaign, and this should be a wake-up call for the Department of Health which wants to see companies like this more involved in the Change4Life campaign, not less."
Oh, stamp your feet a bit more, love! I bet you’re really cute when you’re angry…


Mrs Erdleigh said...

Most amusing. Does anyone apart from the professionally offended visit these fake charity websites? I can't imagine any circumstances under which I would click on change4life

microdave said...

"I bet you’re really cute when you’re angry…"

She's no oil painting - even when she's happy...

JuliaM said...

"Most amusing. Does anyone apart from the professionally offended visit these fake charity websites?"

Just bloggers, looking for contradictions.. ;)

"She's no oil painting - even when she's happy..."

Yikes! For a moment there, I thought you'd accidentally linked to Angry Exile's stonefish.

microdave said...

I suppose the only good thing about Ms Haigh is that she doesn't hide amongst the coral reefs, ready to inject poisonous venom....

Did you look at the rest of the people behind the site, and read some of their CV's? - Ye gods, what a bunch of eco loons....