Saturday 16 October 2010

Who Said Crime Doesn't Pay?

Whoever it was, they were a fool:
The Crown Prosecution Service had asked that three-times married Dizaei be ordered to pay their £64,500 bill for the four-week hearing earlier this year.
But despite owning three homes worth a total of £1million, playboy Dizaei – who had expensive tastes in women, cars and clothes – said he was virtually penniless and able to pay only a tiny amount.
After considering his case, Southwark Crown Court ordered that he pay £750 plus VAT towards the prosecution costs.
Yet the Mail can reveal that Dizaei owns homes in Acton and Chiswick in West London, and co-owns a property in Henley-on-Thames with his former wife Natalie.
Before his corruption conviction, Dizaei won a substantial five-figure libel payout from a Sunday newspaper. It is not known where the money went.
What the hell does it take for this man to be made to face the music at last?
In August, it emerged Dizaei plans to sue the prison service for failing to protect him from a brawl in which he allegedly attacked another cellmate at a previous jail in South Wales.

He is demanding damages from prison authorities – even though he is being investigated by police for allegedly assaulting another inmate.
Well, if he wins, perhaps the courts will then take that money? I wouldn't bet on it though...

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MTG said...

Sadly, Commander Dizaei was exposed as corrupt but his conviction merely reflects the morally moribund state of our UK police. Its reputation stood severely tarnished long before the Commander began scything his way up through the ranks.

He was crucified for proving to be a high profile disappointment but were it not for the certainty of being bound for high office and being feared, the proceedings which convicted him would never have been instituted.

Yes he was a liar, thug and evidence fixer in uniform. His punishment should include financial penalties. However the same criminal profile fits most of his contemporaries, some of whom are yet more brazen. Abuse of office and misuse of public funds by a few police bloggers are no less serious matters to outrage the public. These too, are deserving of criminal investigations/proceedings if we are intent upon drawing a line under the reign of the corrupt policeman and doing it equitably.