Tuesday 5 October 2010

Another Stunning Success Story For Social Work!

A schoolgirl was lured into a trap by her pornography-obsessed uncle to fulfil his sick obsession with murdering a child before being brutally raped and strangled.
So, where do social workers come in?
The tragic case once again highlights the depraved material available for anyone to access on the Internet.

It will also raise new concerns about Salford social services which had been monitoring Tia and last year came under fire over the killing of a vulnerable toddler.
Ah. Clearly, no point in blaming them, though? It was the Internet wot dun it, surely? They couldn't have been expected to know that he was such a ris...

Oh, I see:
On April 3 Maden called his sister and asked if Tia could come round to babysit, before drugging the youngster with tablets he had been given to combat his psychotic episodes.
Of course, we couldn't end this sorry, ghastly little tale of modern Britain without the expected tribute from the mother, now could we?
Afterwards Tia's devastated mother paid tribute to her 'baby girl'.

'When this nightmare happened, it killed me inside,' she said. 'My heart has been broken and will never mend. All that is left is a big empty hole.

'Tia was my whole world. I miss her big smile every morning and her beautiful freckly face.'
Perhaps you shoud have thought of that before you allowed her to babysit at the home of your twisted, psychotic brother, sweetie?

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