Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I'm Shocked, Shocked! (Part 2587954586)

...owners looking for their missing dogs began to look at claims they were on a travellers site near Nuneaton.
No! What are the odds?
According to the spokesmen, West Midlands Police have been dealing with the initial thefts. They have had support from Warwickshire Police , who dealt with a row between travellers and people looking for the dogs this morning.
Which is, I suspect, the only reason they turned up at all!
Police were called to the Griff this morning after two dogs were stolen in Coventry
A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: “We were called to the Griff caravan park this morning. We were called to an altercation.
“We were called at approximately 7.40am to reports of an altercation at the Griff caravan park. It was believed to be verbal and no injuries were recorded.”
At the moment it isn’t known if any arrests have been made, but investigations are currently ongoing.
Well, that's reassuring. Not.


Anonymous said...

Not much of a carnivore myself, but you would be barking mad to refuse a rack of succulent dog ribs, hot from a pikey barbie.

Andy said...

They'll show you how to wok the dog.

JuliaM said...

"...a rack of succulent dog ribs..."

Not a lot of meat on them, surely! Still, there's a shortage of hedgehog now...

"They'll show you how to wok the dog."