Tuesday, 18 October 2016

VirtueSignalling Attempt: Fair, Could Do Better...

Mr Foster said the pupils at St Mark’s Academy are learning about the refugee crisis and had an “incredibly positive” reaction to his trip, and he has hopes that teachers from Mitcham will become a regular fixture in the camp during school holidays.
Mr Foster added: “It’s amazing to see what the human spirit is capable of, against all that adversity. It was quite humbling, but it left you feeling very frustrated because if the right people in the government made the right decisions and came and met these people, they would realise so quickly that they could be a real asset to this country.
“You know all the people you’ve met would do brilliantly if they were just given the opportunity.”
Excellent idea, Mr Foster. Tell you what - we'll take in two child refugees from the Jungle, and send you there permanently. Call it a swap.

I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.


Antisthenes said...

We would all love to banish poverty and suffering but we know there are many practical problems to be overcome in achieving that. High amongst the list of problems is human behaviour and that is what our teachers appear to be concentrating upon. Forgetting that that alone is not enough an other just as important problem has to be addressed as well and that is scarcity.

Fortunately humans without the need of persuasion are tackling poverty and working towards easing suffering and have been for millennia. They are doing it through the rules of laws of nature(science) and man(society). Using enterprise, technology and innovation to improve the world. Great strides are made with greater frequency in making the world a better place for more and more of us. The process has thrown up many challenges, anomalies and exposed those yet to be tackled but tackled they will be given time and the space to do so.

There are those in society who believe they can make the world a better place more quickly and successfully without the anomalies with alternative methods to the ones already being used. They are to be found in the groups that call themselves socialists, liberals and progressives who are hijacking the process. Indoctrinating others to follow suit especially the most impressionable the young. On the basis that their way is superior. Disregarding that when their methods are tried and tested they are found wanting and cannot replace that which is already found to work even if not totally perfectly. Which tells us yes that human behaviour is an area that needs much improvement but not in the way modern teachers think.

Lord T said...

The can indoctrinate them to say all the right things but as soon as the young start to feel the pinch themselves, trying to get a job for example, they revert to the same base instinct as everyone else.

Our young that are more racist than the older people because they are more impacted and yet they still think this works.

You have to give it to them though failure after failure and they still think they are right. What a waste of effort.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that the pro-refugee give up their right, and their decendants' rights in perpetuity, to all the stuff like NHS care, state education, [what's left of] social housing etc so that at least the Calais con artists are not taking away from us taxpayers who wished they'd bugger off back to wherever they came from.

JuliaM said...

"High amongst the list of problems is human behaviour and that is what our teachers appear to be concentrating upon."

Remember when they just taught us to read, write, add up and, more importantly, think..?

"You have to give it to them though failure after failure and they still think they are right."

Taking 'if at first you don't succeed' to ludicrous lengths...