Monday, 3 October 2016

Coping With Setbacks...

....yer definitely doin' it wrong!
A teenage boy has refused to go to school for the past month after being axed from the top sets.
Elijah Pedersen-Adeniji, 13, has not returned to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy since September 2 after being placed in the lower set of all his subjects.
His father, Olorunfemi Adeniji, said Elijah finished last year with top marks and has always been in the top sets at the Bexley school.
So..? Things change. And how we cope with adversity shows our true charact...

The 46 year-old told News Shopper: “The last time he was in school was on September 2 because he has been crying and so down.
“We took him to the doctors and they referred him to child and adolescent mental health services for counselling. The whole situation is not nice – he just keeps crying.”
*rolls eyes*

Mind you, might be genetic!
Mr Adeniji added that both he and his wife are also having to take counselling sessions because of the stress caused by the situation, which has caused him to take time off work.
I bet his employer loves that!
A spokeswoman for Haberdashers’ refused to comment on Mr Adeniji’s allegations.
Probably unprintable anyway.


MTG said...

State education is going to the dogs and it's as if it has been subjugated by an alien culture...oh, just wait a mo...

Tim Newman said...

Olorunfemi Adeniji

Nigerian. They'd put a milkmaid out of business.

Jim said...

I remember many many moons ago, aged 11, I started a new school. And cricket season came round and I was eagerly waiting the first cricket match against another school. Given there was only 12 players in my age group I hadn't even considered I wouldn't be in the team. Imagine my dismay when my name was down as 'Scorer'. I was gutted. But I redoubled my efforts at practice and the next game I got in the team. And scored 4. But after more practice, in the next game I scored 35, and kept my place for the rest of the summer. And thus started a 35 year love affair with cricket thats taken me all round the world watching the game, and playing it at club level to this day. None of which could have happened if I'd given up at the first hurdle.

SteveA said...

Jim - You'll probably find cricket banned now as it uses a nasty hard ball and encourages running

Anonymous said...

Don't forget winning, Steve. No one is allowed to lose these days. Everyone has to he a winner. It won't be too long before all sports matches have to end as a draw. Just like in real life (not)!

Andy said...

The school of hard knocks, Jim?

Jim said...

Nope, an private fee paying Prep school, no less. But thats what parents are paying the £££ for, schools that teach their pupils about competition and hard work and what is required to achieve, rather than telling everyone they are special petals and all deserve prizes. At that school all pupils were rated by marks achieved in lessons at all times (publicly listed as well for all to see) plus there were end of term exams. Everyone knew exactly where they were and how they were doing relative to everyone else. Highly competitive. Whether the school is the same today is unlikely, even private schools have succumbed to the non-competitive ethos I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I understand that, following in the footsteps of Olurunemi, or whatever the hell his name is, Sirs Paul McCartney and Elton John have refused to sing any more as they no longer get into the top 10. And they say there's not a God!

selsey.steve said...

Elijah Pedersen-Adeniji, snow-flake extraordinaire.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

*cough* Compo claim for trauma of entire family looming *cough*

JuliaM said...

"Nigerian. They'd put a milkmaid out of business."


"None of which could have happened if I'd given up at the first hurdle."

Back when 'triumphing over adversity' was a thing to be admired. Now, it's 'let the government sort it out!'..

"No one is allowed to lose these days. Everyone has to he a winner. "

Except Farage. And Trump!

"*cough* Compo claim for trauma of entire family looming *cough*"

I shall keep an eye out for any such claim..!