Monday, 30 October 2017

Good Electric Fences Make Good Neighbours....

Marina Bolton, 57, of Newington Avenue, Southend, admitted assault and criminal damage after leaving victim Jo Bates with a number of nasty bruises to her face and body.
Mrs Bates, 50, a nurse and charity worker who runs the Southend Homeless Hub, told how the attack took place on April 9 in front of grandsons Matthew, four, and Bradley, seven.
She said there was bad blood between the pair because Bolton had planted “huge” eucalyptus trees in her garden and allowed her Great Dane to damage the fence. She also said Bolton’s CCTV cameras point into her garden.
She said: “When I moved in 12 years ago there were no problems but she has turned into a nightmare neighbour.
“I had my grandchildren here so I went to the shops and bought the boys some water pistols. I put some music on and they were playing in the garden.
“Matthew decided to water the roses and some of the water went over the fence. He is only four years old. There was just the most horrendous shouting and screaming.
“The next thing I knew she was in my house. I was kicked and punched for ten minutes.
“I managed to get to the phone and dial 999. I couldn’t speak to the operator but they heard the tail end of the assault.”
Beating up a woman in front of children, after invading her home? She's going down, for sur....

Bolton admitted assault by beating and causing £550 of damage to a wooden side gate, a speaker and an internal door. She was handed a four-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, at Southend Magistrates’ Court.
Bolton was also told to pay £1,220 compensation.
I bet the excuses were just too good?
In mitigation, Bolton, a self-employed cleaner, argued that she had poor mental health and was provoked by the child’s use of the water pistol.
Speaking after the hearing, she said Mrs Bates was the problem neighbour and a “green-eyed monster”.
She said: “I have nice cars and I have spent a lot of money on my house. She just wants her pound of flesh.
“At the end of the day I was in her house and I pleaded guilty. All she sustained were some bruises.”
What a lovely woman.


Sobers said...

I'm afraid I don't buy the 'innocent victim' line here. I'll bet a pound to a penny the victim was aiming to rile the accused something rotten. Buying the grandkids water pistols, that just happened to be fired into the garden next door? You can't show me two women who are having a feud where anything happens 'accidentally'. They'll be trying every moment of every day to have a dig at the other. And its worked - now one has a suspended sentence hanging over her, giving the other the freedom to rile her even more, knowing she can't do anything about it.

Oi you said...

She has nice cars and spends money on the house? And she works as a cleaner? Really???


JuliaM said...

"I'll bet a pound to a penny the victim was aiming to rile the accused something rotten."

It's entirely possible, but the violence is a step too far.

"And she works as a cleaner?"

Could be that means 'runs a cleaning firm'...